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  1. Thank you, I don't think it will be him as that wasnt his dam or sire names but I'll try and get in touch just in case x
  2. Attention friends across the pond! I'm desperately trying to track down my first pony who I believe may now be in America! I owned him from 2004 to 2006 until he was very sadly outgrown, and went to a yard in Belgium called Brems Equestrian. From there he has since been passed onto a new home in America, but that's as much as I know at this point. He is a 12.2hh liver chestnut welsh b x with four white socks and distinctive blaze, born 2000, registered name 'Ringcourt Dreams of Glory' but stable name was Jupiter. I appreciate he would be 19yrs old now and may no longer be with us, w
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